Herzlich willkommen - Welcome to ZrO² - white pefection² for dentistry

Die ZrO² group ist Dienstleister für Dentallabore, Zahnärzte, und die Dentalindustrie. In unserem ISO Zertifizierten CNC Fertigungszentrum produzieren wir Halbfertigproduckte für Dentallabore und Zahnersatz für Zahnaztpraxen. Für unsere Industriepartner testen wir neue Werkstoffe und Werkzeuge.
Neu im Programm sind Schulungen für CAD Software, die für unsere Kunden kostenfrei sind.

ZrO² products are made in Germany and manufactured under strict quality control and considering ethical aspects. Inform yourself about our dental services and products and do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions - we are happy to assist you.



ZrO² is a highly specialised company for dental ceramic masterpieces, CNC power tools for dental CNC milling, design and dental center as well as research and testing.

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Buy online the ZrO² CNC power tools for dental CNC milling. Convince yourself of the product quality and price.

The acquired ISO certification allows ZrO² the production and quality assurance in accordance with industry standards.